Tube Amps and Preamps

Upbeat Audio Boostaroo T796

  • USB/AC Powered Portable Audio Amplifier for Home, Office, Laptop, or Kiosk.
  • Increases the volume of any player by 2x (in stereo).
  • Works with anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port.
  • Offers 3 outputs jacks for use with 3 headphones or speakers.
  • Provides the smallest footprint available for an audio amplifier.
  • Rugged and durable casing will last for years.
  • Great for students, business presentations, teachers, and more.

Sabaj Da3 Headphone Amplifier

  • Sabaj Da3 HI-Res amplifier using the second generation XMOS USB Audio solution – XCore200XU208.PCM sampling rate support up to 32bit/768kHz, and up to DSD512 supported.Exclusive customized driver supported native DSD which is very advanced in audio range.
  • Using two pieces of ultra-low phase noise crystal as an asynchronous clock system, make the sound is more accurate, resolution is higher.
  • MCU control and electronic volume control ensures two channels output volume is exactly same, while the phase is also absolutely balanced.
  • Two ultra-low noise LDO power respectively and independently for left and right channel amp.Stable voltage enables amp chip works and act it’s stable function;the Ultra-low noise ensure the chip out of interfered from the power supply for purer sound.
  • Full balanced design and Using two SABRE9018Q2C decoding chips from ESS company in USA.Support high bit rate digital processing;Ultra High Dynamic Range;built-in big-power amp circuit, ultra-low distortion can restore a better sound;Dual DAC&circuit for better channel separation.
  • The output uses a silent circuit to protect the headset from impulsive sound distory ,while greatly reduces the loss of audio signal.
  • 0.96 inch OLED display screen,the interface is simple and easy to operate.
  • Specially designed 2 headphone output jacks,3.5mm UNBAL&2.BAL.

XtremPro Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier – Grey (X1)

   Next on our list of the best DAC headphone amps is the combo of Xtrempro’s X1 USB DAC amps. Basically, they’re quite affordable, but that’s not all. In essence, USB DAC headphone amps are extremely compact and easy to carry around while still being able to pack quite a punch.

   The X1 USB DAC headphone amp supports various music file formats up to 192 kHz range, which is considerably stronger when compared to most budget headphone DAC amps. Now, these amps are designed with direct-coupled circuitry, and they draw their power directly from the exquisite ESS Sabre™ DAC chip. In short, this combo is very powerful and decently affordable.

Bravo Audio S1 Solid State Headphone Amplifier

   Bravo Audio is a popular Chinese brand specializing in the area of Tube Headphone Amplifiers. Bravo was established in 2010. Even though a relatively newer establishment in the field, Bravo managed to capture attention of the world by their amp offerings which had attractive price tag & appreciable performance. Back in 2010, tube/hybrid amps would be expensive, and out of reach of a humble Enthusiast. Bravo made well performing hybrid amps in an affordable price. Bravo was the one who made hybrid amps in sub 100$ category. This made them a well known name across the Audiophile World.

   All of Bravo’s amps are hybrids, and are driven by Mosfet’s, and are pure class A. This ensures in mammoth output power, appreciable clear sound quality, but heat dissipation is high, and the amp physically gets hot even to touch comfortably. Bravo has been famous since its release of V1 & V2 amps, which were budget friendly, yet performing, which won ears of many enthusiasts. The S1 is the lone solid state counterpart of these amps, and hence subsequently will sound most accurate, neutral and cleanest of all Bravo amps. The S1 amp is also the smallest & most reliable amp from Bravo.

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